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Vancouver Fire Protection & Prevention

The aim of Northern Fire Safety is to combine fire protection and prevention practices to ensure safety of tenants. Throughout Vancouver, fire protection is just the way to do that. Regular inspection and assessment means preventing the threat of fire hazards and damage while protection methods can help with an unpredictable events.

From basic tools to in-depth lighting and alarms, every piece of your fire safety system plays a role, and the staff at Northern Fire Safety can help keep these pieces working.

We Are Your Vancouver Fire & Safety Company

From heritage homes to modern commercial buildings, Vancouver is home to properties of all sizes, types, styles and construction materials. The government of British Columbia has laws in regard to how often inspections are carried out and what sort of documentation should go along with them.

Instead of being left with unnecessary fines or safety hazards, trust Northern Fire Safety to keep up with the demands of properties throughout the Greater Vancouver Area. From regular testing to sprinkler and extinguisher care, our team of experts can handle all of your fire protection and prevention needs.

From Fire Extinguisher Inspection to Fire Sprinkler Systems – Vancouver Can Rely on Us

Fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems are your first and best line of defence against flames. Household fires are normally quite small to begin with and can be tackled with a quick spray from an extinguisher, but that is only if they are working properly. Regular maintenance ensures that these tools are working and there is regular reporting to keep these visits up to date.

All across Vancouver, fire sprinklers provide safety and peace of mind to building owners and tenants in residential and commercial spaces. Sprinklers are made up of many parts, each of which plays a key role in both function and safety. Proper inspections assess your sprinkler as a whole, as well as its individual parts to keep things running smoothly.

More than just checking the mechanical, our experts inspect alarms and sirens as well, making sure that your system is not overly sensitive but that you are getting the maximum amount of warning and results.

Fire extinguishers are necessary for any property and it is extremely important to keep these both functional and visible. Regular maintenance keeps these tools in good shape but having expert advise also helps when choosing the most visible and accessible point to hang them.

Backflow Testing – Vancouver, We’ve Got You Covered

Clean, running water is necessary for any property to run smoothly. It easy to take these flows for granted but it is all thanks to a working Backflow Preventer. An unexpected drop in pressure can mean contaminated water entering your system.These simple valves work to maintain a certain standard of pressure inside systems.

As great as these are, any fixture can fail and that is what makes regular testing so important.

With annual back flow testing, Vancouver property owners can be sure that pressure is being maintained while water testing makes sure that all running water is clean and sanitary.

Emergency Lighting & Fire Alarm Testing – Call Northern Fire & Safety

Being able to identify an exit during an emergency can mean the difference between a swift escape and a dangerous situation. When it comes to emergency lighting and alarms, it is not enough to assume that things are in good, working order. Just because the lights are on, does not mean that everything will continue working during a power failure.

Once systems are tested, full reporting details your system’s performance and whether any repairs, replacements or changes should be made to ensure both safety and function.

Fire Prevention


Our aim is to provide inspection and maintenance of residential and commercial fire equipment to ensure safety. We provide total Fire Protection Services by ASTTBC Certified Technictions in Fire Extinguisher, Fire Alarm, Sprinkler Systems, Special Suppression Systems and Emergency/Exit Lighting.

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Northern Fire technician arrived on time and tested smoke alarms and inspected and serviced my kitchen Fire Extinguisher. A great job!! And thank you so much for upgrading my existing  smoke alarms to a combo  smoke and carbon monoxide detection.
Devesh Prasad
You guys are awesome. Thank you for recharging my fire extinguisher and replacing and taking my old smoke alarms for recycling. Actually I was thinking of throwing my 12 year old fire extinguisher and buying a new one but you gave it another life. Thank you again!!