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Surrey Fire Protection & Prevention

No matter what type of property or situation you are dealing with, a fire of any size can be devastating. That is why Northern Fire Safety has married protection and prevention to keep homes and businesses in the Surrey area safe.

Protection and prevention are often mistaken for being the same thing but these are two very different services. Protection means having a working system of detection such as smoke alarms and tools like sprinklers and extinguishers. Prevention, on the other hand, is all of the resting and maintenance that keeps these systems working.

We Are Your Surrey Fire and Safety Company

Northern Fire Safety is locally owned, operated and is committed to getting the best results for our communities. More than carrying out routine tests, our highly-trained technicians are dedicated to helping protect what really matters: your loved ones, whether they are friends, family, tenants or pets.

Local care means prompt service and accessible customer service before, during and after your inspections. Throughout Surrey, fire protection is not a one-step approach but requires routine maintenance to be effective on multiple areas.

From Emergency Lighting to Fire Sprinklers – Surrey  Can Count on Us!

Whether around homes or commercial properties, fire prevention is broken up into many layers. In order to properly protect your investments, each of these needs to be addressed on its own, as part of a bigger picture. Luckily, Northern Fire Safety treats everything from emergency lighting to extinguishers, sprinklers and backflow testing.

Emergency lighting is key to providing safe exits in time of crisis. More than a simple lightbulb, these lights have to hold up under extreme pressure – and during power outages. When it comes to emergency lighting, Surrey services are available to any and all property types.

Fire extinguisher inspections are a must for any property. These tools are not only tested for functionality but must be visible and properly tagged as well. There isn’t much point having an extinguisher if it is buried behind boxes or stuffed into a corner. Our experts can help to test, document and even place your extinguisher in the right area.

Any one of these tools or fixtures is made up of many moving parts. It is impossible to keep these running smoothly without properly understanding how they work. Instead of spending hours – or years! – learning how these things work

For Surrey Fire & Safety Call Northern Fire & Safety

For fire protection services, Surrey property owners are quick to call in professionals – and they should! No amount of video lessons or book chapters can prepare you for proper treatments.

The experts at Northern Fire Safety have spent years in the industry, combining on-going training with expert tools and calculations.

Calling Northern Fire Safety means getting dedicated – and prompt! – services. It is possible to let some chores fall by the wayside but when it comes to health and safety, it is important to be vigilant with a minimum of annual services.

Fire Prevention


Our aim is to provide inspection and maintenance of residential and commercial fire equipment to ensure safety. We provide total Fire Protection Services by ASTTBC Certified Technictions in Fire Extinguisher, Fire Alarm, Sprinkler Systems, Special Suppression Systems and Emergency/Exit Lighting.

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Northern Fire technician arrived on time and tested smoke alarms and inspected and serviced my kitchen Fire Extinguisher. A great job!! And thank you so much for upgrading my existing  smoke alarms to a combo  smoke and carbon monoxide detection.
Devesh Prasad
You guys are awesome. Thank you for recharging my fire extinguisher and replacing and taking my old smoke alarms for recycling. Actually I was thinking of throwing my 12 year old fire extinguisher and buying a new one but you gave it another life. Thank you again!!