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Richmond Fire Protection & Prevention

All across the Metro-Vancouver area, home and property safety are a top priority. Owners, managers and tenants are all dedicated to creating a safe and sound work or living space and this means fire safety! Luckily, a Richmond fire protection and prevention service can help to assess, test and and treat tools and alarms around your space.

We Are Your Richmond Fire Safety Company

What sets Northern Fire Safety apart from other services in your area, is that we are locally owned and operated. Far from being another number on a call sheet, our experts treat every property like a friend and neighbour, which means committed service, excellent results and after care.

For residential, commercial and multi-unit properties in the Richmond area, no one gets results like the experts at Northern Fire Safety.

For Fire Sprinklers, Fire Alarms & Emergency Lighting – Richmond Calls Northern Safety & Fire

All across Richmond, fire sprinklers are installed to keep homes and commercial properties safe. For those instances where there is no one home to use an extinguisher, these sprinklers are your best bet to mitigate damage and avoid disaster.

Emergency lighting is also key to providing a safe exit strategy to anyone who may be inside during a fire. Instead of assuming that these lifesaving tools are working properly, regular testing is necessary. In-depth testing ensures that all systems and tools are working properly, even in the event of a power outage.

Fire extinguishers are some of the most recognizable fire safety tools around kitchens but it is vital to have these in any property. Regular testing and reporting make sure that extinguishers are working but they also have to be accessible. The experts at Northern Fire Safety can advise where the best placements are for your extinguishers.

Fire Prevention & Protection – Richmond Can Rely on Us!

For property owners in Richmond, fire protection and prevention go hand-in-hand. These two practices are often mistaken for being the same thing but each of these plays its own role in overall safety practices.

Richmond Fire Protection: refers to any systems in place to protect against fire damage and spreading. Fixtures such as sprinklers and extinguishers do just that. Proper maintenance of these areas means a safe atmosphere for those inside, and that is where prevention comes in.

Richmond Fire Prevention: refers to all of the maintenance and inspections that go into keeping protection tools running. This includes regular checks, testing and reporting.

By performing the proper checks and maintenance, the staff at Northern Fire Safety are able to help keep their communities safe. Avoiding the worst-case-scenario is as simple as participating in a regular maintenance schedule. Even a single annual checkup can mean getting the best results for all property types in the Richmond Area.

Fire Prevention


Our aim is to provide inspection and maintenance of residential and commercial fire equipment to ensure safety. We provide total Fire Protection Services by ASTTBC Certified Technictions in Fire Extinguisher, Fire Alarm, Sprinkler Systems, Special Suppression Systems and Emergency/Exit Lighting.

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Northern Fire technician arrived on time and tested smoke alarms and inspected and serviced my kitchen Fire Extinguisher. A great job!! And thank you so much for upgrading my existing  smoke alarms to a combo  smoke and carbon monoxide detection.
Devesh Prasad
You guys are awesome. Thank you for recharging my fire extinguisher and replacing and taking my old smoke alarms for recycling. Actually I was thinking of throwing my 12 year old fire extinguisher and buying a new one but you gave it another life. Thank you again!!