Backflow Preventers Cross Connection Controls

Backflow Preventers

Backflow Preventers (Cross Connection Controls)

BCWAA Certified Inspection

Backflow Preventers are found in both commercial and residential settings to prevent  contaminated and or/toxic water from flowing backwards through the pipes into city/municipal water lines which used by the public at large.

BCWAA Certified Inspectors are trained & certified by the BC Water & Waste Association to inspect  test any backflow preventer assembly . We keep all records and submit a copy to the city for future reference. 

Fire Prevention


Our aim is to provide inspection and maintenance of residential and commercial fire equipment to ensure safety. We provide total Fire Protection Services by ASTTBC Certified Technictions in Fire Extinguisher, Fire Alarm, Sprinkler Systems, Special Suppression Systems and Emergency/Exit Lighting.

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Northern Fire technician arrived on time and tested smoke alarms and inspected and serviced my kitchen Fire Extinguisher. A great job!! And thank you so much for upgrading my existing  smoke alarms to a combo  smoke and carbon monoxide detection.
Devesh Prasad
You guys are awesome. Thank you for recharging my fire extinguisher and replacing and taking my old smoke alarms for recycling. Actually I was thinking of throwing my 12 year old fire extinguisher and buying a new one but you gave it another life. Thank you again!!