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Abbotsford Fire Prevention and Protection

Throughout the city of Abbotsford, property owners have a long list of responsibilities but safety is always number one. Caring for your home or workspace means securing your family, tenants, pets and possessions and the best way to do this is through proper fire safety and protection services.

Fires and flooding are nightmares for any property owner and that is why Northern Fire Safety is ready and equipped to care for residential and commercial properties. A proper Abbotsford fire prevention and protection service offers care, maintenance and inspection for everything from emergency lighting to extinguishers and everything in-between.

Combining Protection and Prevention Techniques

Protection and preventing go hand-in-hand but at their cores, these are two very different things, working together to create safe environments.

Fire Protection: refers to any system or tools that works to limit the spread of fire throughout a given space. Something as simple as a smoke detector can mean a world of difference to the amount of damage that you are dealing with. Fire alarms mean quick detection and the opportunity for a quick response time from local Abbotsford fire rescue services.

Fire Prevention: No fire protection equipment could function without proper maintenance. Prevention is the process of inspecting, repairing or replacing any fixtures or equipment necessary in protecting your space.

The Importance of Regular Fire Services

Northern Fire Safety is proud to service properties all over British Columbia. It is easy to rely on the local fire department or Abbotsford police department in times of crisis, but the best

offence is a good defence. It is impossible to completely eliminate fire hazards around any space but the ability to identify and defend against them helps to create safer spaces with less risk.

When it comes to homes, multi-unit spaces or commercial buildings, fire care is crucial to public safety. Regular testing, reporting and care are key to keeping things running smoothly. Most owners, managers and tenants walk passed their chief fire protectors on a daily basis, without giving them much thought.

Fire Extinguishers: Extinguishers are the go-to tool for any small flame. Having a working extinguisher on hand can help to manage sparks or small fires. These tools are equipped with tags and documentation that records their last inspection date. Failing to have these up to date can result in fines.

Smoke Detectors: These tools are the first and strongest indicator that there is something to be concerned with. Having a working detector in a unit helps to identify that there is a drop in air quality and the presence of smoke in a certain area. These detectors are most effective when placed in certain areas and have to be routinely tested to ensure they are still running properly.

Emergency Lighting: One of the most important parts of any building is a clear and safe exit in the event of an emergency. It is not uncommon for buildings to lose power, so it is important to keep lighting working, even in the worst case scenario. Proper testing and maintenance ensures all lighting is functional, even during a power outage.

Sprinklers: Extinguishers are great but they need someone around to operate them. A fire sprinkler system is designed to protect your property even if there is no one else around.

Choosing Northern Fire Safety

Northern Fire Safety is locally owned and operated, so you can expect top customer service, care, results and commitment. Local technicians ensure prompt service for both routine care and call-out services. Avoid hefty fines or – even worse – property damage or personal injury by choosing a highly-trained and experienced eye to look over your space.

Fire Prevention


Our aim is to provide inspection and maintenance of residential and commercial fire equipment to ensure safety. We provide total Fire Protection Services by ASTTBC Certified Technictions in Fire Extinguisher, Fire Alarm, Sprinkler Systems, Special Suppression Systems and Emergency/Exit Lighting.

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Northern Fire technician arrived on time and tested smoke alarms and inspected and serviced my kitchen Fire Extinguisher. A great job!! And thank you so much for upgrading my existing  smoke alarms to a combo  smoke and carbon monoxide detection.
Devesh Prasad
You guys are awesome. Thank you for recharging my fire extinguisher and replacing and taking my old smoke alarms for recycling. Actually I was thinking of throwing my 12 year old fire extinguisher and buying a new one but you gave it another life. Thank you again!!